Digital Marketing: How New Technologies Help to Solve Brand Problems

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What trends of marketing digitalization are relevant and how do companies and advertising agencies use them?

Ubiquitous video content

Companies actively use video for marketing purposes. Every third professional marketer, for example, like SamBlogs, planned to invest most in marketing with video.

Marketing with video is the promotion of a product, service or brand using videos. So, a company that sells a product can record a video review on it and post it on its website or in social networks to attract the attention of users.

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Another trend in content visualization is the use of augmented and virtual reality technology. 80% of consumers will feel more confident in buying if they test the product using AR technology, and 66% of consumers are less likely to want to return it. You can contact the Digital Marketing Company India to consult on this issue.

With the help of VR and AR, the company gives the customer the opportunity to try out the product before buying and experience new emotions at the same time. Let’s say you “try on” an outfit in a virtual fitting room or take a virtual tour of a new building without leaving home.

Personal recommendations for your customers

Consumers increasingly expect companies to take an individual approach. So, 66% of people hope that companies will understand their unique needs, and 52% expect that all offers will be personalized. So, the study showed. Companies that use personalized communication increase their revenue by 5-25%.

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Technologies of personalized marketing communication based on artificial intelligence allow companies to collect data about their customers (age, gender, income level, needs, etc.), analyse them and form personalized offers for different target groups. The Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency USA can help to analyse the results correctly.

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