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7 Types of Audits You Should Be Prepared For

By Linda Athanasiadou – Financial and Audit Expert Specialising in Markets, and Regulatory Compliance Auditing is a critical aspect of financial risk management and regulatory compliance. In an ever-complex business landscape, preparing for different types …

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Where Can I Cash a Business Check?

There are several ways to cash a business check. If you’re a sole proprietor, a partnership or a corporation, you’ll need to understand your options before rushing out to your local financial institution. In some …

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What Does COI Stand For in Business?

If you are a business owner looking to hire contractors, chances are you are likely to be asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI). However, what is a COI and what do you need …

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What is a Kickback in Business?

When a person pays a kickback, the act of giving someone something of value in exchange for a payment, the individual is engaging in a form of bribery. Kickbacks are a common practice in certain …

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How to Buy a Car Through Your Business?

Buying a business vehicle can be a great investment. Not only does a company car give you and your employees reliable transportation to get to and from work, but it also has several tax benefits. …

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What Does COD Mean in Business?

When a business decides to offer Cash On Delivery, they can expect to boost internet commerce in their locality. The service allows customers to make an immediate payment for goods they want without needing to …